Endless Love – tome 3 Satisfaction PDF

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Troisième et dernier volet de la trilogie Endless Love, Satisfaction nous entraîne dans l’affrontement amoureux entre Karina et James.

Troisième et dernier volet de la trilogie Endless Love, Satisfaction nous entraîne dans l’affrontement amoureux entre Karina et James.

L’énigmatique James a finalement réussi à pousser Karina à s’enfuir car elle ne supportait plus le secret qui entoure l’homme auquel elle s’était librement donnée. Pour le retrouver et lui prouver la force
de son amour, Karina n’avait pas hésité à franchir l’Atlantique et à intégrer une société secrète basée sur le conditionnement sexuel.

James ne veut pas renoncer à Karina et fera tout ce qu’il faut pour la garder. Il est prêt à partager ses secrets les plus sombres, mais Karina est-elle prête à les entendre ?

Lorsqu’il la retrouve à New York, James lui propose non seulement de tout lui dire, mais il la veut à côté de lui… sur scène pour sa dernière apparition musicale. Karina entre ainsi complètement dans sa vie.

En travaillant ensemble, ils regagnent la confiance et l’amour qu’ils avaient perdus. Mais le monde de James est plein de pièges. L’amour de Karina et James sera-t-il suffisamment solide pour résister aux nombreux obstacles jetés leur chemin ?

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And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy. Perhaps he has triumphed, perhaps he has decided to undertake a Heroic Sacrifice, perhaps he has proven worthy to respond to the Call. How can this be fittingly celebrated? Why, have him be told how proud people are of him! Normally this is said only by people who have reason to be proud: his parents, a Parental Substitute, his mentor, the Team Dad, A Father to His Men, etc.

May also be a form of encouragement after The Hero has progressed a certain amount but is feeling discouraged. There is the form « I’m so proud of you. Then there is the form « Your father would have been so proud of you. Normally addressed to fatherless heroes, though any Disappeared Dad may qualify them.

May be spoken by the mother, or by any other mentor. They may not want, even in this moment, to have a Not So Stoic moment, and so distance themselves from the praise. You should be proud of yourself » is another alternative, which ascribes even more of the credit to The Hero himself. This is, in fact, what the « Well Done, Son » Guy craves, but the hero has not usually been striving with his eye on it, and the speaker is willing to tell him, freely. This trope can also be Played for Laughs when the child does something despicable or even outright criminal, and the parent approves of their deviant behavior. Alternatively, the trope Don’t Tell Mama exists because a crooks wants to hear this and doesn’t want their parents to be disappointed in them for taking up a life of crime. Contrast It Has Been an Honor, where the character is usually addressing someone he has not formed, though he may have led him.