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The official clinic on Saturday, December 8th will be held at Gracie Judo. We are flying him in earlier in the day on Friday and he offered to do a Friday night session as judo PDF so we are hosting that at Denver Judo. Denver Judo – 719 Mariposa St. All funds go to Nick’s training.

Quelles sont la philosophie, les valeurs défendues et promues par ce sport ? Quelles sont les règles à connaître lorsque l’on pratique cette discipline ou encore les techniques à travailler (Ippon-Seoi-Nage, O-Soto-Gari, Tai-Otoshi…) ? Pour vous initier facilement et pas à pas au judo ou perfectionner votre niveau, vous trouverez dans ce guide pratique et dynamique : Des leçons claires et progressives ; Des schémas et illustrations détaillés, pour visualiser les exercices à mettre en pratique ; Les conseils simples d’un professeur de judo hors pair pour parfaire votre technique ; Un glossaire pour rappeler ou acquérir rapidement un vocabulaire de judoka aguerri.

If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to give me a call. Wednesday, October 3th, 2018 at 11pm. This event is the largest Judo tournament in the Rocky Mountain region. This is the milestone 50th anniversary of the event.

A number of nationally ranked players from around the country will participate. Medal matches will be occurring throughout the day. Non-stop action on two contest areas in a full-contact Olympic Sport featuring spectacular throws, pins, chokes, and arm locks. Show press credential at door for admission.

Northglenn Judo Club is the longest continuously operating Judo club in Colorado and is one of the largest clubs in the USA. The club has produced two Olympians, two Olympic alternates, a World Championship team member, dozens of National Champions. The results of the 2018 Colorado State Judo Championships are attached. The event had 9 Kata entries and 225 shiai entries from 10 states. The event would not have been possible without the contributions of volunteers and referees. We would also like to thank our sponsors: Maximal Med Health and Hormone and Judo Gear USA – Adidas.

Please consider giving them your business when in need of services and products in the fields they service. Japan in the first half of the twentieth century. Currently the term « kosen judo » is frequently used to refer to the competition ruleset associated with it that allows for extended ne-waza. Similarly, there has been a resurgence in interest in Kosen judo in recent years due to its similarities with Brazilian jiu jitsu. Judoka applying kuzure-kesa-gatame at the Nanatei league in 2010.