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April 21, 1938, published by Éditions Dupuis. Adding to the difficulties of magazine publication that came with the outbreak of World War II, Velter joined the army effort, and his wife Blanche Dumoulin, using the pen le Spirou de … – Tome 1 – Les géants pétrifiés PDF Davine, continued the work on the Spirou strip, with the aid of the young Belgian artist Luc Lafnet. The first succession came in 1943 when Joseph Gillain, known by the pen name Jijé, was given charge of the character. In 1944 Jijé introduced a new character, Fantasio, who would become Spirou’s best friend and co-adventurer.

Archéologues acharnés contre dinosaures aquatiques !Spirou et Fantasio accompagnent Martin, un archéologue aussi passionné qu’hystérique, dans ses recherches en méditerranée. Grâce au sous-marin prêté par le comte de Champignac, ils découvrent une statue gigantesque provenant d’un navire naufragé et qui semble appartenir à une civilisation totalement inconnue à ce jour !
De retour à Champignac, nos amis voient débarquer d’un hélico le célèbre Bill Callaway, richissime archéologue aux méthodes très contestées dans la profession. Tandis que Spirou va rester fidèle à Martin, violemment opposé à toute collaboration avec Callaway, Fantasio va se laisser séduire par le milliardaire, sa jolie assistante et ses moyens colossaux.
Aidés par Thian, une jeune universitaire indonésienne spécialiste en la matière, Spirou et Martin vont remonter la piste de l’artefact jusqu’en Nouvelle-Zélande. Là-bas, ils découvrent que la statue aurait été taillée pour rejoindre Rae Kauwheke, une cité engloutie gardée, selon la légende, par des monstres géants : les  » Taniwhas  » qui, excités par les fouilles brutales de Callaway, les Taniwhas vont sortir des profondeurs pour se venger des humains !

Franquin developed the strip from single gags and short serials into long adventures with complex plots, and is usually considered as the definitive author of the strip. One Franquin creation that went on to develop a life of its own was the Marsupilami, a fictional monkey-like creature with a tremendously long prehensile tail. The Marsupilami appears in the majority of the Franquin stories, starting in 1952 with Spirou et les héritiers. In the series, it is adopted by the duo and follows them everywhere they go. However, as Franquin grew tired of Spirou, his other major character Gaston began to take precedence in his work, and following the controversial Panade à Champignac, the series passed on to a then unknown young cartoonist, Jean-Claude Fournier, in 1969.

Fournier authored nine books in the series, which saw Spirou evolve into a more modern character. SPECTRE-like criminal organisation known as The Triangle. However, at the end of the 1970s Fournier’s pace began to slow down and the publisher, Dupuis, sought new authors to replace him. For a time, three separate teams worked on concurrent stories.

Fournier’s lead without adding much to the characters. Yves Chaland proposed a far more radical make-over. Spirou is an ironic re-staging of the strip as it was in the 40s. This homage to Jijé and early Franquin was seen at the time as too sophisticated for the mainstream readership.

2318, printed in two-colour, but was interrupted before it was completed. Spirou, both in terms of sales and critical appeal. Tome and Janry set out to imagine Spirou’s youth. A lot of the gags center around the character’s interest in the opposite sex. The duo’s third album, Spirou et Fantasio à Tokyo was released 20 September 2006. Due to a significant decline in sales, Dupuis decided to cease Morvan and Munuera work in Spirou in January 2007.

However, they were allowed to complete one last album, Aux sources du Z, which was released 5 November 2008, with the help of scenarist Yann. 3694 that Morvan and Munuera would be succeeded by Fabien Vehlmann and Yoann, who had together created the first volume of Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par. The first volume, Les géants pétrifiés by Fabien Vehlmann and Yoann, had a modern storyline and art, not dissimilar in spirit to Morvan and Munuera’s work. An investigative reporter with a strong sense of justice. Fantasio – Spirou’s best friend and co-adventurer, a reporter with a hot temper. Spip – Spirou’s grouchy pet squirrel. The Marsupilami – A very unusual creature captured in a South-American jungle by Spirou and Fantasio.

Marsupilami is the name of the species, and the creature never acquired an individual name. Often referred to as « the little animal » even though it can terrorise anything and anyone. Count of Champignac – Spirou and Fantasio’s eccentric scientist friend. Petty, pompous, ineffectual and two-faced, he is mostly memorable for his trademark speeches in which he piles up mixed metaphors sky-high.