Les Purple Knights 1-3 PDF

American comedy film, directed by Lewis Milestone and starring Les Purple Knights 1-3 PDF Boyd, Mary Astor, and Louis Wolheim. The film won the only Academy Award for Best Comedy Direction in 1929. The next year, AMPAS merged the categories Best Director of a Comedy Picture and Best Director of a Dramatic Picture to form the category Academy Award for Best Director.

Plongez dans un monde qui vous fascinera.
Toutes les parties de la série Crimson Chevaliers, pour un court laps de temps à un prix spécial.

Partie 1 – Les Purple Knights

Partie 2 – Les vices du roi

Partie 3 – Le Blue Knight

During the First World War, two American soldiers become trapped in no man’s land. While they are brawling, the Germans sneak up and capture them. In a German prison camp, the two become friends when Phelps takes responsibility for an unflattering caricature he drew of a guard, rather than let O’Gaffney take the blame. The two escape, stealing the white robes of Arab prisoners to blend in with the snow. Arab prisoners being sent by train to Constantinople. Near the end of their journey, Phelps creates a distraction, and the two men jump off, landing in a hay wagon.

When the hay is loaded onto a ship bound for Arabia, so are they. Both he and the woman have to be saved by O’Gaffney. The two soldiers and the skipper vie for the veiled woman’s affections. Phelps eventually coaxes her into removing her veil, and is entranced by her beauty. Meanwhile, the woman’s escort observes this development with disapproval. The skipper insists on being paid for Mirza’s fare, but none of the three have any money left.

Mirza informs Phelps that her father has arranged for her to marry Shevket. The Americans jump overboard when the skipper discovers what happened to his purser. The two men head for the American consul, but leave hastily without speaking to him when they find the skipper already there lodging a complaint. They decide to seek the assistance of Mirza’s father the Emir, who turns out to be the governor of the region.