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Caldera Massages Spa Team highly trained and experienced staff, personalized care, a combination of ancestral and modern knowledge of the human body – all to achieve massages PDF best massage. The Studio’s Massage Therapists provide deep tissue, relaxing or invigorating massages – based on your request. Our professional Massage Team aims to provide a quality and unforgettable Santorini experience.

Le B.A.-BA: toutes les clés pour choisir une huile adaptée, distinguer massage californien et thaïlandais… Les bons gestes: des explications illustrées, pour savoir comment masser chaque partie du corps. A chaque situation son massage: automassage, anti-migraine ou préliminaires amoureux, pratiquer le bon massage, au bon moment.

Caldera cave house and Terrace, overlooking the famous Oia sunset, with the ultimate in attentive service. It truly is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Choose an aromatherapy massage oil for your personal need. Essential oils are biologically, biochemically determined. Enjoy your Massage and then view the famous Oia Sunset from our sea-view Terrace. Select to have your massages Prior to or After the Sunset.

Castle area, the gathering point for the Oia Sunset. Two Terraces facing directly to the Sea and the Santorini Sunset. Book early as only a maximum of three couples share the Terraces for the sunset viewing each evening with drinks. Oia cave house atop the cliffs.

Our spa face treatments combine the power of carefully chosen essential oils with the healing and purifying properties of different clays. Plus the natural products of CALΔERA by Antonio cosmetics line to meet your personal skin requirements. Select the refreshing Body Scrub on it’s own or after your massage. Cave Style Couples treatment room is available throughout the day. Our most extensive full body massage based on combined techniques of Swedish, Californian and Ayurveda therapies. This complete body and face massage focuses on acupressure points and uses long strokes to help strengthen the nervous system and restore lost energy.