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Sanskrit moksha or Prakrit mokkha refers to the liberation or salvation of a soul from saṃsāra, the cycle of birth and death. In Jainism, moksha is the highest and the noblest objective that a soul should strive to achieve. Moksha PDF the right view, knowledge and efforts all souls can attain this state. Owing to the absence of the cause of bondage and with the functioning of the dissociation of karmas the annihilation of all karmas is liberation.

Bhavya souls are those souls who have faith in mokṣa and hence will make some efforts to achieve liberation. These three, together, constitute the path to liberation. Samyak Darsana or rational perception is the rational faith in the true nature of every substance of the universe. It consists in following austerities, engaging in right activities and observance of vows, carefulness and controls. Once a soul secures samyaktva, mokṣa is assured within a few lifetimes. Those who pass the last stage are called siddha and become fully established in Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct. Nirvāna means final release from the karmic bondage.

When an enlightened human, such as an Arihant or a Tirthankara, extinguishes his remaining aghatiya karmas and thus ends his worldly existence, it is called nirvāna. Since the light of intelligence is gone, let us make an illumination of material matter! A liberated soul dwell in Siddhashila with infinite faith, infinite knowledge, infinite perception, and infinite perfection. Karma, The Mechanism : Create Your Own Fate. New Delhi: Bhagwan Mahavir memorial Samiti. The Practical Path, The Central Jaina Publishing House, p.

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